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  • Power Exchange Vibrating Sound


    Experience a really devious play session… An instrument used in ‘power exchange’ or submission/domination experiences and just devious enough in its intended purpose The Power Exchange Vibrating Sound by Master Series has astounding potential!


    This sound has just enough vibrational power to offer a sensitive mind blowing feeling. For even more varied stimulation The Power Exchange Vibrating Sound can also be used as a pinpoint vibrator, with all the fun and exploration that entails.



  • ElectraStim – Electra Pads Square 4 pack


    A set Uni-polar ElectraPads are an essential part of any electro-sex kit. Versatile in application and sensation, they can be worn anywhere below the waist to improve erotic and sadomasochistic sensations.

    With power levels lowered they work similarly to a waist toning belt, causing pleasurable tingles and muscle contractions in time with stimulation. Couples can share stimulation by wearing a pad each, allowing them to experience electro stimulation everywhere they touch.


    Turn the power up and ElectraPads make an intense enhancement to BDSM sensory play including flogging and spanking. Simply apply a pad to each buttock before a spanking and your sub will feel an e-stim buzz alongside each hit. When used with our ElectraStim Flick, every stroke is transformed as stimulation responds to the ferocity of your swing.


    You can wear ElectraPads anywhere below the waist, so they’re incredibly versatile and can be applied directly to the penis or labia for a sensual accentuation to masturbation, foreplay, oral sex and sex.


    Each ElectraPad can be worn up to 6 times by the same person, so make sure you keep the plastic backing to hand. If the adhesive starts to feel a little dry, simply add a drop of water to refresh it.

  • Thorncrown Spiked Cock Ring


    This Thorncrown is a stainless steel ring specially designed for penis torture. Shove it in place over your penis – most people will put it just behind the dickhead – and with the enclosed hexagon key you can then screw in the sharp pointed screws. Once the sharp points are in place the ring won’t go anywhere and won’t fall off. The pinching screws will make sure you won’t loose your hardon.



    Internal Diameter: 27mm

    Width: 16mm

    Outer Diameter: 44mm

    With 6 Spikes



    Internal Diameter: 30mm

    Width: 12mm

    Outer Diameter: 44mm

    With 6 Spikes

  • Cow Bell Collar


    For your favourite pet! If you’re into cow fetish or Hucow sex, then this cow-bell is going to ring your bells. That, or you may just be looking for a unique collar that just so happens to have a bell. Whatever the reason, this is an excellent bondage and kink toy that works as a bondage collar.


  • Universal Water Works System


    Before or after sex, or anytime you want to feel clean the Universal Water Works System Douche can help you feel fresher and get rid of unpleasant odours. But unlike a douche that you’d buy at the drug store or even make yourself, this easy to use system is capable of being fun and pleasurable too.


    Made to fit up to your shower it comes with everything you’ll need to hook it up to the shower, bath, or sink, or to use on its own. In fact, you’ll be able to use it with your faucet and switch back and forth with a valve between the showerhead or faucet and the Douche System. A directional valve attaches the flexible nickel-free non-tarnishing hose to the faucet and you’ll be able to use the special hand-held controls to turn it on or off. Three attachments are included so you can experience different types of sprays to suit your needs and they attach easily to the end.


    You’ll be able to choose from a slim pinpoint spray attachment that delivers a single stream or a tiered multi-use wand that features some wonderful ribbing for some fun stimulation while you clean up. There’s also a standard douche attachment for when you need or want something more traditional. Each of the attachments is made with a safe and body friendly rubber that flexes easily to maintain the ultimate comfort and will wash easily with some soap and water after use.

  • No Peeking Soft Twin Blindfold Set


    Fifty Shades of Grey No Peeking Blindfold Twin Pack. Experience the eroticism of being completely lost in sensation with this pair of satin blindfolds. With one for you and one for your lover, you can share a sensory experience or take it in turns to indulge one another with new tricks and toys. Plunging you into darkness and leaving you at the mercy of your lover’s sexual whims, these satin blindfolds are a simple and effective way to experiment with submission and sensory play without physical bondage. With one for you and one for your lover, there’s no need to share. Take it in turns to sink into submission or blindly explore one another in new ways when you wear these silky blindfolds together.


    Allow your touches and kisses to linger as you tease your way to shared orgasmic bliss in the dark, taking the opportunity to try new tricks or introduce new toys, sensation first. Made from silky satin and faux fur for a soft touch against your skin, and fitted with stretchy elastic for the perfect fit, these blindfolds are comfortable enough for extended wear and also double up as a handy sleep mask. Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James. Supplied with a Fifty Shades of Grey storage bag, these sensual blindfolds make a perfect erotic gift for fans of the trilogy.

  • Bijoux Indiscrets Sybille Mask


    When the sun goes down your other self is revealed.


    Enjoy a night of seduction among the shadows with Bijoux Indiscrets Masks.


    Behind the playful appearance, there’s a woman who knows exactly what she wants.


    One smile from Sybille and you will fall in surrender.

  • Sweet Honey BodyWand


    This sweet as honey body wand was designed to please.  With a whopping 10 vibration speed and 3 modes it is a delight to massage,  With the ultra-flexible tip you will be able to satisfy in the most difficult of area and is also a great aid for those that may be a little mobility hindered.

  • Renegade Man Up Pump Black


    The Renegade Man Up Pump is a sleek powered penis pump that is designed to get him harder than ever before.


    The supreme design is powered by a silent motor, providing maximum automatic suction for a lasting performance. It also features a measuring ruler on the pump so the user can track his progress.


    The design has a 22cm long industrial grade acrylic pumping cylinder, comes with a soft TPE donut base for extra comfort during use and is presented in a contemporary black packaging. Erotic articles and love toys can enrich the sex life of single women, single men and couples regardless of the persons’ age. Using these kinds of articles might broaden the users’ sexual horizon. It can result in experiencing feelings and sexual climaxes they have never made before.

  • Ultimate Bondage Paddle


    Make all you intimate fantasies come true with this Leather Paddle, which features a pull string and metal rings For extra pleasure.

  • BKK Virtual Reality Stroker


    Have the Ultimate Virtual Reality Experience with the Interactive porn video experience coupled with VR Masturbator.


    BKK stroking controller monitors your stroking speed and wirelessly transmits to your Mac, PC Smartphone or VR Device. Your BKK enabled content will respond to your movement on the screen. The controller could be a stroker which with tight realistic pussy.


    Choose your favourite sexy babe and let her obeying your every command. Thrust her sl- owly to enjoy her moan, Fuck her hard and she scream, click the stroker to switch the position you want to fuck her. Take your time and tell her how fast to stroke, suck, ride or fuck… Let your dreams come true.

  • Screaming O Vooom Vibe Black


    The Screaming O Vooom Vibe is a jumbo mega-vibe with a brand new motor, unlike anything you’ve ever felt.


    This power, combined with its streamlined shape, sweeps you off your feet with two exciting pleasure options to enjoy: On one side features a seamless surface perfect for all-over massage and smooth stimulation everywhere it touches, and on the other sits a unique extended fin that transfers vibration and takes you to the edge. Whether for fun foreplay or enhanced intercourse, the Vooom Vibe is the perfect hand-held size for a sensational intimate experience.

  • Spiked Metal BDSM Collar


    Get the matching leg irons and wrist shackles and you have the total restraint package.  Made from surgical steel the Spiked Metal BDSM Collar is a treat to see and will last a lifetime.  Now get into your hardcore bondage roleplay right now!


  • Adam & Eve All A Man Needs Kit


    This sex toy kit is designed for men and simply has everything you have ever needed to pleasure yourself or your man. This complete pleasure kit with its multiple devices provides you with so much choice in how you will deliver your next orgasmic experience.



  • Spandex Zipper Mouth Hood


    Stretchy and comfy to wear the Spandex Zipper Mouth Hood is a great BDSM accessory that gives you options.  Spandex is a great starting material for those just getting into BDSM play.  Eyelets to ensure plenty of oxygen is received whilst wearing it.

  • Bondage Hood With Dildo Gag


    To be truly enslaved…that’s really what a hood is all about, isn’t it? It’s about truly submitting and giving yourself over to allow your Dom/me to make all the decisions.


    The Undercover Faux Leather Bondage Hood w/Collar, Snap-On Blindfold and Gag is a wonderfully supple full leather hood which will be great for bondage play and make your play time incredibly sexy. The lacing hood feels so good when it’s laced up tightly, fitting snugly against your skin. The rich scent of the leather fills your nose as the collar is buckled tightly and locked on. With the blindfold and gag detached, you’ll be able to see and speak, but who knows how long that will last? Probably not too long, but you won’t mind at all.


  • Ouch! Collar With Hand And Leg Cuffs Brown


    Get your lover in the position you want with this collar and cuffs from Ouch! Made of high-quality brown leather with beautiful white stitching and metal hardware, these collar and cuffs are a feast for the eyes!


    The ankle cuffs come with 7 holes to adjust the length and the collar features 3 press studs to fit most sizes. The chain is also connected with snap closures to extend your limits by easily combining it with a leash or other Ouch! bondage toys.


    The chain is made of high-quality steel and has a length of 10 inches for the wrist cuffs and 21.8 inches for the ankle cuffs which will not give your lover the opportunity to move full range but still allows you to get him or her in your favorite position.


    So what are you waiting for?


    Show your lover who’s in charge of this amazing collar and wrist/ankle cuff set by Ouch!

  • Ball Crusher With Ball Weight Attachments


    If you are into some testicle stretching whilst your balls are being crushed this S&M Device will be perfect for you.  The crusher is easily controlled by some wingnuts whilst the O-Rings allow for easy attachment of your testicle crushers.


    Note:  Use caution when using this item as misuse of this device may lead to possible injury.

  • Female Full Body Chastity


    This dazzling full body restraint and chastity system will hold them secure and deny access to their most intimate areas. Highly adjustable, the steel is lined internally with firm rubber, for comfort and security.


    The Female Chastity Full Body Steel Bondage Restraints has a network of chains that connects the cuffs, chastity belt, and metal bra, restricting their motion along with their erogenous zones. There are multiple locking mechanisms and points of adjustment, for the ultimate in sensual restriction.

  • Wand Essentials Ecsta-Seat Wand Positioning Cushion Black


    Slip into ecstasy with this uniquely designed wand positioning pillow. Simply insert your favourite massage wand into the open-ended hole, position yourself over the wand head which is designed to stick out of the top, and turn the wand to your favourite setting. This ultra comfortable seat is made from soft hypoallergenic foam and is machine washable. The ergonomically designed cushion is contoured for the ultimate wand control. Ideal for hands-free stimulation!





  • Fetish Fantasy Inflatable LUV Log


    Squeeze, squirm, grind, and thrust your way to total satisfaction and enjoy incredible orgasms you never thought were possible! With the Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Luv Log between your legs, you can get just the right angle every time and do it all with greater ease! This portable vinyl position pillow is lined with plush flocking and features a firm vibrating dildo mounted on top. With EZ-Grip position handles strategically placed all around the pillow, you can straddle the sex saddle, hold on for leverage, and enjoy a wild ride that you control!


    Get on top, choose a setting on the multi-speed dial, and let the powerful vibrations whisk you away! The firm PVC dildo is phthalate-free, body-safe, powered by a whisper-quiet vibrating motor, and sculpted to excite. Try it alone or with a partner and you’ll discover a variety of uses to achieve deeper penetration and longer lovemaking sessions. It’s not just a solo sex machine – it doubles as a position pillow to use with a partner! Bend your lover over the hump or place it under their thighs to prop them up. The possibilities are endless and so is the fun!


    Unlike bulky and expensive sex furniture, the incredible Luv Log inflates in minutes and tucks away easily for storage when you’re done. Take it with you when you travel and enjoy all the comforts of home when you’re on the road. The flocked vinyl cleans up easily after the fun with a rag and warm water, and the PVC dildo can be sanitized with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water.



  • Fetish Fantasy Gold Wartenberg Wheel


    Plenty of pleasure and thrill awaits you with our gorgeous 22-point rotating Passion Wheel. This beautiful adornment is made of heavy-duty, non-tarnishing nickel-free alloy, and offers the ultimate in bondage excitement.


    This simply gorgeous accessory offers a passionate jolt of style. Expect your bedroom adventures to rise to the next exciting level as you experience the pinpoint pleasure roll across your wanting skin. Whatever your fantasy, let the Entice Passion Wheel entice you.


    For intimate jewellery that’s both gratifying and beautiful, our Entice Passion Wheel is designed to spin you to new levels of pleasure and give you exactly the experience you crave and desire


    The Wartenberg Wheel is incredible for sensual play. Run it under warm water to heat it up or put it in the refrigerator for a cool sensation. Combined with a blindfold, restraints, and a feather, the heightened sensory experience will leave your lover breathless.

  • Nick Mannings Masturstroke Masturbation Kit


    Stroke it like a pro with Nick Manning’s Masturstroke Masturbation Kit. This pleasure collection includes a powerful suction pump, three stretchy cock rings, an orgasm-inducing masturbation sleeve, and lubricant to make your play slick and wet.


    The translucent cylinder allows you to watch your progress as you pump. The hot red and black design will get your fantasies going in no time as you enjoy the pressure and suction stimulating your rod.


    A flexible and non-crimping hose allows you to pump effortlessly in a variety of positions. The hose detaches for easy cleaning after your pumping session is through. The soft, tapered sleeve at the bottom of the cylinder keeps your cock comfortable and stimulated as you pump.


    Amp up your pleasure during solo or partnered play with the three stretchy, multi-purpose rings. They come in three different sizes to fit a variety of rods and provide varying degrees of stimulation. The rings feature pleasure bulbs to provide extra pleasure as you stroke or thrust to incredible orgasms. Enjoy heightened stamina and sensitivity to match your bigger, firmer penis when you don these comfortable rings!


    When you’re done pumping, let off some steam and plunge into the realistic Senso pussy with detailed lips and a life-like feel. Lube up your penis with the lubricant included in your pleasure kit and get that wonderfully realistic wet pussy feeling you crave. You’ll love the feel of this soft, stretchy, and intensely pleasurable sleeve wrapped around your harder-than-ever erection.

  • Kink Cock Jock Silicone Splitter Black


    Designed to lift, separate, and tug the testicles for light ball torture, the Cock Jock athletic-inspired ball splitter’s extra-thick silicone and anatomical design keep you in the game for all the locker room fantasy scenes and coach-player roleplays you can handle. The Cock Jock Splitter also lifts and presents your rock-hard package for incredible visual and physical stimulation—never get picked last again. Kink by Doc Johnson is an exciting collaboration with to create a collection of high-quality authentic fetish items suitable for long-term practitioners and new initiates alike.



    • Strong, Durable Athletic-Inspired Ball Splitter
    • Separates and Tugs Balls for Added Stimulation
    • Lifts and Presents Your Package for Visually Stimulating Appearance
    • Extends and Intensifies Orgasms
    • Anatomically Designed for a Comfortable Fit
    • Thick Silicone is Firm Yet Flexible
    • Phthalate-Free, Body-Safe
  • Steel Jiggle Ball with Cord


    When using anal beads why not try experimenting by pulling the metal beads out at different speeds during orgasm as this can give an earth shattering climax. These heavy metal anal beads are totally unisex and can be used by men or women for anal stimulation.

  • 4 Way Bondage Restraint


    This device is ideal for partners who not only don’t want to deal with any complicated rope tying but also want that visual appeal and durability of steel during their bondage sessions. The restraints are secured directly to the bar for extra security.

  • Deluxe Silicone Whip Anal Plug

  • Silicone Anal Bead Whip

  • Booster Rabbit Vibrator


    Booster Rabbit is a cordless silicone “Rabbit” vibrator with vortex motion.
    The clit stimulator (rabbit) vibrates while the G-spot stimulator rotates, creating a unique, new pleasure.
    The Booster Rabbit has dual motors with 3 control buttons that control 3 rotation speeds, 7 vibration modes and a boost button.

  • Vicky Prostate Massager


    Svakom Vicky is a powerful prostate and perineum massager offering 7 modes with 5 levels of intensity. That means 35 different ways to take you from the beginning all the way to the end of the ultimate orgasm. It is specially designed with a pinhole charging port.


    Vicky is totally waterproof so why not take it into the bath or down to the pool?



    • Prostate and perineum massager
    • Soft head for easy insertion
    • Double motors for intense stimulation
    • Optimal angle for prostate
    • Eco-friendly ABS & ultra-soft silicone
    • Rechargeable through included USB cable
    • 100% waterproof
    • Easy to clean
    • Whisper quiet
    • 7 Modes
    • 5 Intensities
    • Usage Time: 2 hour
  • Spiked Steel Ankle Cuffs

  • Bondage Head Harness Hanger

  • Gosset Steel Retractor

  • Trinity Vibes Lubricant Launcher 3 Pack


    Load it up and shoot it out, it is as simple as that! The lubricant launchers narrowed injector makes it easy to ease into anal or vaginal play by lubricating those hard to reach places.


    The convenient finger grips allow for precise insertion while the attractive casing is easy to clean. Includes two additional launchers.

  • BDSM Leather Hood With Gag & Blindfold


    This is a great hood for Bondage and includes a mouth gag and eye mask for total sensory deprivation. Once this hood is on it can be used for extreme kink and fun for the bondage enthusiasts, kinksters and sex animals out there.

  • Surgilube Sterile Lubricant


    Surgilube is used by people that are into and use surgical steel sex toys. Perfect lubricant for penis plugs, spreaders, speculums, crushers and more.  Limited Quantity and we run out quick so grab them fast. Very hard to buy in Australia. Surgilube is your assurance of reliability and convenience.



    Surgilube provides instant, continuous lubricating action for easy, comfortable insertion of catheters, endoscopes, surgical instruments and gloves into body orifices.

  • Slaves Leather Crop


    This sexy little number will definitely make your playmates heart race. Made from genuine leather, this crop is a perfect addition during couples play. Let them know how they deserved to be punished.

  • SM Four Tail Leather Flogger


    Pleasure and Pain are both bitches and in the best possible way. This gorgeous genuine leather four tail flogger really qualifies as a must, more than a want.

  • Gemini Ball Crushing Clamp


    Many men find the experience exhilarating, and this is suitable for beginners or the experienced as you can apply as much or as little pressure as you like. It’s just not for the faint-hearted.


    This stainless steel ball crusher is a simple yet effective device and is ideal for anyone interested in CBT. Many men love the feeling and experience of someone exerting pressure onto their testicles, this Ball Clamp allows you to exert as much or as little pressure as you like. The high quality, polished steel finish Clamp is both easily adjustable and comfortable to wear. Until the screws begin to turn anyway!

  • Rampant Metal Anal Hanger


    The anal hanger slides easily into the anus, and once in place is ideal for attachment in complex bondage scenarios.  It is made of solid stainless steel so it is durable and easy to clean.


    When you are looking for a bit of a lift and just want to hang around get your lover to give you a hoist with the Rampant Anal Hanger a fine Hells Couture Suspension Device Australia.  Fantastic quality at best prices for all those kink meisters out there.





  • Gentle Medusa Ladies Bondage Collar

  • Fifty Shades Darker Anastasia Masquerade Mask


    Live your fantasy and create your very own Fifty Shades Darker masquerade ball with the official Anastasia Masquerade Mask. Made from ornate lace and embellished with light-reflecting stones and silver ribbons, all you need now is that silver dress.


    With a flexible finish that forms to your face, this mask boasts cat-like eyes which frame and flatter your own peepers beautifully. Wear for masquerade parties, masked balls, Fifty Shades Darker role play or even to the cinema!


    Inspired by Ana’s actual mask, enhanced by our own designers and approved by E L James as the official Ana masquerade mask, explore its full embroidery to fully appreciate its intricate beauty, and see how many hidden messages and symbols from the books you can find.


    Don’t accept cheap imitations and close-but-not-quite look-a-likes. If you want the real deal, this is it.


    For authentic Christian and Ana fun, pick up the official Fifty Shades Darker Dark Prince Masquerade Mask.


    Part of the Fifty Shades Darker The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.

    Key Features:

    • Fifty Shades Darker masquerade mask based on Anastasia’s mask
    • Beautiful silver lace features ornate patterns with hidden imagery from the books
    • Soft lace material flexes over nose and eyes for a close fit
    • Embellished with light-reflecting gemstones and shimmering detail for an elegant finish which comes to life up close
    • Finished with silver Fifty Shades Darker ribbon for tailored fit
    • Matching Christian mask sold separately
    • Approved by E L James
  • BDSM Sensation Wheel


    Test the limits of sensitivity play with the BDSM Sensation Wheel from the BDStyle. Run this premium spiked wheel across the skin and other highly treasured areas for an exciting prickle of pleasure.


    Made of stainless steel and deviously designed with a row of evenly spaced sharp pins that turn smoothly as it rolls across the flesh, the BDSM Sensation Wheel is ideally designed for intense, exquisite pleasure.


    Take it to the next level with a little temperature play. The wheel can be warmed or cooled for an extra spike of sensation.

  • Gold and Black Floral Corset


    A terrific Gold and Black Floral Corset with laced back for you to tighten and get that desired hour glass figure. Unique floral design that looks regal when worn. Includes matching G-String.

  • BeezTube Dominator Urethral Sound


    Discover the intense joy of urethral play with BeezTube Urethral Sound, it will make you shake in pleasure!


    Pleasure and Pain take on a whole new meaning with this beastly sound tapping into the urethra density of nerve endings

  • COLT Snug Tugger


    Fun is easy. Get more fun and excitement with the COLT Snug Tugger; it is a super stretchy and comfortable double cock ring with built-in scrotum support. The tugger provides an excitably intense grasp to the cock and balls to keep it long and hard. Designed to fit over both cock and balls, the Snug Tugger creates a tight fit for better staying power, maximizing the appearance and performance in every hard-on.


    Unlike other cock and ball straps, the Snug Tugger is crafted from smooth, stretchy, phthalate-free TPR for the utmost in comfort and safety while helping sustain pleasure. With support like this, you’ll be the star of the show, just like every COLT man.


    Get ready, get set, and hold it until you are ready to blow! COLT Snug Tugger, has exactly what you need to get just what you want.


    When the fireworks are over, care for the Snug Tugger by washing with warm water and soap or by using a high-quality toy cleaner.

  • Master Series Sub Regal Collar


    With this collar, your sub can be led around the room in style. From the sexy lapel design, simplistic red stitching, to the D-ring at the center, this sensual piece is infused with functional style.


    The D-ring can be used to attach a leash, rope, or anything you see fit. Adjusts to fit most sizes with the buckle at the back. The faux leather detailing gives the collar a realistic look while remaining animal friendly.

  • Prostatic Play Radar 12 Mode Remote Control Silicone P-spot Plug


    Slam this huge prostate massager deep into your slicked up hole and feel each of the three bulbs open you up and pop past your sphincter! This rechargeable remote-control pleasure tool was designed for either solo play or devious fun with a partner! Feel your insides teased by 3 powerful vibration speeds and 9 rhythmic pulsation patterns. The thrum and throb against your prostate and deep in your ass will also be felt in the base as it presses against your taint.


    The convenient and easy-to-use remote can bring your fantasies to life! With a tapered tip and smooth silicone material, this deep-diving massager inserts easily with a water-based lubricant. The material is phthalate-free and non-porous for efficient cleaning and sanitation.

  • Hit them where it hurts by crushing their family jewels. Made for erotic torture this a true S/M device. This crusher attaches to our ball stretcher using the wingnuts you move the bar up and down to increase pressure or “crush effect” on their balls.

  • Chastity Bar with Adjustable Catheter

  • Veronique 1


    Extremely erotic and provocative dress in black, consisting of a dress with strings of chains that can be worn across both the front and back.



    • Dress with chain
    • Chain thongs
  • Ursel Black


    The elastic material of this specially contoured dress will make it fit your body perfectly, emphasizing its lines and shapes. The bare back and buttocks playfully interact with a tight, black, glossy fabric over the hips and breasts, while showing them off!


    Set include:

    • Dress
    • Thongs


    • Flexible and resilient materials with elastane – a perfect fit to the body
    • Pleasant to the touch material – comfort
    • Close-fitting contoured body shape – good look and comfort
    • The notches on the buttocks and neck – a sexy look
    • High-quality materials – the convenience and durability
    • Metallic accessories in the color silver – durability and impressive detail
    • Reinforcing stitching in critical areas – sustainability
  • Lucie Black


    Dress Lucie is a composition of black, decorative elastics that perfectly adapt to your body, while emphasizing its shape. This is a minimalist and sophisticated sexual proposition which will put into delight every person. Additional predatory nature of wristbands and neck band with silver, a metal spike.

    Lucie is a set for you if you dare to wear it … and you dare … right?


    • Unique and special design
    • Flexible and resilient material – a perfect fit to body
    • Decorative metal silver studs on the dress and neck band
    • Neckband fastened at the back
    • 2 wristbands


    • Dress with decorative spike
    • Neckband with decorative spike
    • 2 wristbands
  • Trinity Vibes 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing


    Swing into action with The Trinity 360 Spinning Sex Swing.


    The variety of positions that can be enjoyed with this swing will definitely help spice up your love life, and now it spins to add even more possibilities for action! The swing has padded supports for your back, butt/thighs, and feet/calves. The swing also has a torque bar for added support for your wild love making sessions. Extra-wide nylon straps with self-tightening buckles for adjusting for the perfect comfort fit.


    The swing is easy to install. Installation is quick and simple and only requires a few common tools (not included). Instructions for installation are included as is the mounting hardware. Please consider the weight-bearing capability of your installation spot.

  • ElectraLoops Prestige Adjustable Cock Ring


    Expand your pleasure with ElectraStim Prestige ElectraLoops. Building on our hugely popular rubber cock loops design, Prestige ElectraLoops are made from a thick (6.5mm) rubber that transfers the delicious electro sensations more evenly for increased intensity. The rubber also hugs your cock tightly for a harder, longer lasting erection whether you’re enjoying an extended masturbation session or having sex with a partner.


    Designed for the connoisseur who appreciates a touch of flair, we’ve added a solid CNC machined aluminium adjustment choke that’s available in three stunning anodized colour finishes. Simply slide the adjustment end through the choke to create your perfect fit- the friction of the rubber against the metal will prevent slipping or loosening.


    With two in each pack, you can start playing straight away and ElectraStim Prestige ElectraLoops are unipolar toys so can be combined with any of our other electrodes (including pads, probes and more) to create a circuit and let you enjoy the electrical stimulation. Try one loop at the base of your penis and another further up your shaft for a mind blowing experience or even an Hands Free Orgasm as the electrical current pulsates and massages your cock more deeply than you ever could.


    Please note that you will require a stimulator unit to power these loops (sold separately).

  • Zeus Electrosex Handheld 8 Mode Powerbox


    The Zeus Handheld Power Box is a great entry-level unit for those exploring the pleasures of e-stim. Portable and simple to operate, this power box features 8 unique modes of current and 15 different levels of intensity.


    Two of our black premium silicone electro pads are included to get you started, and the convenient storage tray is the perfect place to stick those pads between uses to keep the conductive surfaces clean and ready to go.


    The Handheld Power Box is compatible with all Zeus Electrosex attachments so you can branch out and experiment.



    This Ball stretcher will help you with your goal, with bumps inside, giving you extra sensation. This is a great toy for bondage play, weighing +/- 205 gram, you can add more weight by hanging it on the side hangers.

  • E-Stim Solid Penis Plug With Glans

  • Nalone Touch II Pink

    A pure silicone outer body and stylish ergonomic design makes this the most beautiful and attractive of products.  Even more impressive, the touch sensitive control gives you the ability to command the intensity of vibrations.

    Key features:

    • Smooth silicone
    • Rounded bulbous tip
    • Curved for G-spot stimulation
    • Clitoral Stimulation
    • 7 stimulation modes
    • Optional touch responsive control
    • Easy-press LED buttons
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Whisper-quiet – less than 50 decibles
    • Rechargeable vibrator
    • 100% waterproof
    • Presented in a beautiful satin lined box
    • Includes USB cable and drawstring storage bag
    • 1 year Nalone warranty
  • Sportsheets Edge Hard Limits Crop



  • Scandal Bull Whip


    Hand-stitched bull whip Sturdy, designer fabric handle Soft teasing tassels.

  • Locked Up Pee Thru Steel Male Chastity Cage


    This stunning, male chastity device is made from 100% medical grade surgical steel which features a cum thru or pee thru plug. Lock up your lover with this cage and show them who’s in control.  You willy will be locked up but able to pee through this awesome cock cage that is going to keep you and your key-holder extremely satisfied.

  • Silicone Moist


    Silicone is a highly durable and long lasting personal lubrication. There’s rarely a time when you will need to reapply as the silicone lubricant is not absorbed by the skin like a water based lubricant. When you need long lasting lubrication that’s silky smooth, and durable.

  • Colt  Pro Shower Shot System


    Turn your shower into a deep cleansing pleasure station with the Pro Shower Shot System from Cal Exotics’ COLT collection. It’s designed to hook up easily to your bath, shower, or sink with a universal adapter to help you get squeaky clean between your cheeks.


    The system includes a silicone probe, a stainless steel hose, and universal adapter. It’s easy to use and all the instructions are included in the box, making it easy to enjoy the experience of douching with warm water without having to keep filling up a reservoir. This allows for a constant stream that you can control, no more reaching around and squeezing a bulb to enjoy the squirt of water inside you!


    Hook up the Pro Shower Shot System to your faucet with the universal adapter and attach the non-crimping, nickel-free, non-tarnishing hose. It’s flexible so it won’t matter if your faucet is up high or low and you’ll have a full 1.5 meters of length to work with. Attach the silicone prove to the end and turn on the water!


    The silicone probe is tapered for easy entry, perforated at the tip for a single, steady stream that will get you squeaky clean!

  • Liberator BonBon Purple


    Treat yourself to something delicious. The super dense foam supports you while straddling, leaving your hands free for exploration. Indulge in this clever addition to your collection, and turn any toy into the ultimate sweet spot confection.

  • International Extreme Sex Machine


    When you’re looking for a travel-friendly sex machine that can operate on any electric current in the world, the Fetish Fantasy Extreme International Extreme Sex Machine is the perfect choice for instant satisfaction! Unlike bigger and bulkier electric fuck machines, this portable sex simulator easily fits in your suitcase and features a universal power adapter to safely support multi-standard voltages in nearly every country.


    With a built-in surge protector, the global converter allows you to enjoy powerful and portable plug-in performance anywhere in the world!



    • King Cock 7″ Dildo
    • King Cock 8″ Dildo
    • Wireless remote control
    • Mobile device holder
    • Universal power adapter
    • Hand cuffs
    • Travel Duffel Bag
    • Spank Me Paddle
    • Leather Love Mask
  • Cleansing Sex Toy Cleaner 100mL


    Ingredients: Aqua, Denatured Alcohol, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Leptospermum Petersonii, Lavandula Angustifolia, Decyl Glucoside, Polysorbate 40

    Key Features:

    • Sex toy cleaner from the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Sensual Care Collection
    • Formulated to keep all of your sex toys hygienic for next time
    • Suitable for use with all sex toys
    • Easy to use spray bottle
    • Free from parabens
  • Still Baby Still Bondage Tape – Triple Pack


    We all enjoy a good sex tape, and this trio of bondage restraint tape from the Fifty Shades of Grey collection is no exception. The self-adhesive and reusable qualities make it perfect for beginner’s bondage and makeshift harnesses, cuffs, and collars.


    “Keep still… We’re going to have to work on keeping you still, baby…” – Christian Grey


    Containing 3 different colors (but only one shade of grey), these comfortable and versatile restraints adhere to themselves without sticking to your skin. Each roll is 10 meters in length for hours of exploratory fun.


    Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.


    Key Features:

    • 3 x 10 meter self-adhesive tape for bondage, blindfolds and role play fun
    • Sticks to itself, without sticking to skin
    • Comfortable to wear and remove
    • Simple to use, with no complicated knots or ties
    • Enables versatile play options
  • Renegade Bondage Collar


    Masculine design and construction for the ultimate master and slave accessories. Durable vinyl construction means it is easy to clean, easy to use and easy to dominate. An entire collection just for you.


    Real men wear Renegade Bondage – you should too.

  • Renegade Bondage Whip


    Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games. We got everything you want, like blindfolds, whips and chains. Masculine design and construction for the ultimate master and slave accessories. Durable vinyl construction means it is easy to clean, easy to use and easy to dominate. An entire collection just for you.


    Real men wear Renegade Bondage – you should too.

  • Renegade Bondage Wrist Cuff


    Masculine design and construction for the ultimate master and slave accessories. Durable vinyl construction means it is easy to clean, easy to use and easy to dominate. An entire collection just for you.


    Real men wear Renegade Bondage – you should too.

  • Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Electro Nipple Suckers


    Give your sex life a charge with the incredible Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Electro Nipple Suckers™. Perfect for beginners and those new to electro-sex, these twist on nipple pumps allow you to combine powerful nipple suction with an amazing electro-massage, all without the use of a separate hand pump.


    To use, twist the nipple pump counter-clockwise until the suction disc is flush with your breast. Twist the handle clockwise to activate the powerful vacuum action and watch your nipples perk with pleasure. Now, turn the dial on the handheld remote and the tiny electronic impulses will travel through the silicone liners and deliver an amazing breast electro-massage!


    Choose a setting on the control unit’s dial to control the intensity and go from a sensuous tingle to a throbbing tap in an instant. Switch between “SLOW” or “FAST” to control the frequency of the shock and adjust the dial to control the strength of the shock.

  • Renegade Bondage Blindfold


    Masculine design and construction for the ultimate master and slave accessories. Durable vinyl construction means it is easy to clean, easy to use and easy to dominate. An entire collection just for you.


    Real men wear Renegade Bondage – you should too.

  • Incarcerator Adjustable Locking Chastity Cage


    Lock up your mans cock and balls in this fully adjustable chastity cage! With a cuff-like design, the base ring of this device accommodates six different sizes. Lock the ring in place with the pin-in-hole plate system to trap his balls in the confines of that stainless steel ring.


    Meanwhile, his flaccid shaft will be stuck in the small metal cage with no escape! Three spacers allow you to adjust the cage to fit his length.


    Lock him up and watch him struggle for as long as you want!


    This device is breathable and includes a hole for him to urinate through for long-term use.

  • Ram Inflatable Black Jack


    Fill up your passions with this amazing inflatable vibrating dildo. Ram Inflatable Black Jack silicone cock lets you pump it up to epic proportions. Discover sizzling multi speed vibrations with EZ twist control base. Easy squeeze hand pump allows it to be inflated to your desired size.

  • Single Clamp with Magnetic Weights


    Control the degree of sensation by adding and removing magnetic weights. As you increase your tolerance, try adding more magnetic discs.

  • The Anal Baller Anal Trainer


    This anal trainer has 4 balls to train you, made from 100% medical grade silicone so you don’t have to worry about the safeness of The Anal Baller. The Anal Baller is extremely durable and has velvety soft matte surface.

    Available in 3 different sizes for different level of intensity


    Starter: weight 170 grams, 40cm length and 4cm ball width


    Intermediate: weight 325 grams, 46cm length and 5cm ball width


    Pro: weight 560 grams, 52cm length and 6cm ball width

  • Fetish Fantasy Ultra Inflatable Position Master


    Indulge in your wildest fantasies with this Inflatable Position Master. The slanted, flocked design allows you to relax in any position without sliding off, while the EZ-Grip love handles are perfect for maintaining difficult positions without losing your rhythm.


    The air seal valve makes inflating the wedge a snap, and when the fun is over, simply deflate the Position Master and it’s ready to go where you go. It’s perfect for those romantic getaways and no one will know whats in your bag!


    Do it all with greater ease…no matter what position you’re in! And lubricant doesn’t even show up on the surface making it easy to clean, too!


    Holds up to 300 lbs.

  • Fetish Fantasy Purple Passion Vibrating Hollow Strap-On


    Your lover knows that size DOES matter, and nobody can fulfill your fantasies and satisfy a partner like a hung stud can! Now you can have the length and girth you’ve always dreamed of and be all the man you can be with the 10” Hollow Strap-on!

  • Rocks Off Cheeky Boy Intense Anal Massager


    The four spheres push into your sensitive prostate and massage your anal passage, leaving you gasping with joy at each new feeling. Dual action vibrations touch your prostate and perineum for fantastic surges of satisfaction. For added delights, feel each sphere shake your taste for pleasure to the core when inserted and removed.

    Cheeky Boy Intense has a slim neck that fits in place during your play. This leaves you hands-free to satisfy a partner or take yourself to heart-pounding assisted climaxes.

    This powerful rechargeable perineum and prostate massager has 10 vibration and pulsations that allow you to control your journey to the peak of desire.

    Cheeky-Boy Intense shows you 60 incredible minutes of sensation, and is ready to go when you are due to its rechargeable bullet vibrator. Remove the bullet and find even more ways to reach world-shaking orgasms.

    Each movement of the vibrating prostate massager is eased with its ultra-soft silicone texture, making it arousing and sensual to the touch. It is 100% waterproof and fully submersible: the steam will rise as you turn any normal bath into a long relaxing soak that leaves you completely satisfied.

    Let the thrills flow through you again and again with Cheeky Boy Intense.


    • Powered by ‘Ignition’, the 10-speed USB rechargeable bullet
    • 100% waterproof and fully submersible
    • Made with soft, flexible body-safe silicone
  • Nexus TITUS


    Innovative and unusual, the Nexus Titus proves that prostate massage has limitless possibilities.
    With its pebble-shaped head and ribbed shaft, the Titus is perfect for stimulating those hard to reach areas!


    The Titus features a unique stainless steel roller ball perineum massager and handle for manual intervention.
    Deliciously ribbed and wickedly curved, the shaft of the Titus has been built to give strong stimulation along the entire anal canal whilst the pebble-shaped head exerts delicious pressure against the G-Spot.


    Made from Phthalate-free polypropylene and 100% waterproof. For use with water and silicone based lubricants and is easy to clean.

  • Liberator Black Label Wedge


    Sex furniture has never been so stylish, or discreet. Put yourself in the position of pleasure with liberator.

  • Yuriko Black


    Sexy black dress with impressive, red inserts at the front and back. It fantastically outlines the figure and shape of hips and buttocks. Red details form an interesting diversity, attract the attention and give a predatory look. Elastic features of material produce the effect in which the dress ideally fits to the body, at the same time it is very comfortable. The set also includes a black thong made of the same, black material as the dress and black fishnet stockings shown on the photo.


    The set is made with a good taste and is developed in details – it’s a must for enthusiasts looking for original and interesting lingerie that will highlight their temper and sophisticated taste.

  • Blush Novelties Cecilia Vibrator


    Cecilia. Born in a design studio. A luxury personal massager designed by women, for women. This sophisticated vibrator is made of pure, body-safe silicone and has a silky smooth finish that glides over your skin. Cecila has simple controls and seven vibrating settings that are truly whisper quiet. The smooth clitoral stimulator is incredibly soft and flexible to bend to your body.

    You will not have to worry about batteries because Cecilia is completely rechargeable via USB or wall outlet – better for you and the environment. A full charge provides up to 50 minutes of bliss. Unlike other silicone massagers, Cecilia is wonderfully soft and pliable, allowing a full range of bendable bliss. The shaft widens sensually near the tip and curves towards your g-spot. Close the discrete charging port on the bottom, and Cecila is waterproof.
  • Devils Butt Plug 12.5 inch Classic Shape


    With its long, wide tapered shaft, this butt plug is a must-have for anyone who enjoys exploring the pleasures of anal sex or masturbation. And as it’s made from a silky silicone, it’s flexible, smooth, and easy to keep clean. It also comes with a a flared base to ensure a secure fit. This truly is a breath taking butt plug and one for any sex toy collection.

  • Devils Butt Plug 13 inch Bulbous Ripple Shape


    Not for the weak of heart, this powerful new Butt Plug by NMC is designed to test even the most experienced anal enthusiast! With a classic “butt plug” shape & and generous 13” circumference, you’ll be sure to be challenged!

  • Lucifers Stainless Steel


    This sturdy, solid CBT device acts as a ball stretcher, scrotum torture device, and ball collar all in one. Snap this heavy metal band in place, and secure it with lock, which is built right into the cuff. There is absolutely no escape once it is locked into place.


    The small size allows for ultimate restriction and security. Four pointed screws line the inside of this devious piece, which can be twisted to apply more pressure. The front features a steel O-ring, so you can lead your pet around with a leash, add ball weights, or lock him in place. Use alone or in conjunction with other toys, this unique CBT toy is as versatile as it is effective.



    • Integrated Lock
    • Allen Wrench
    • 3 Padlocks
    • Stretcher Device
  • Tom of Finland XXL Silicone Anal Plug


    This massive silicone plug is smooth, tapered, and made of premium materials for the ideal anal tool. The strong suction cup base allows it to adhere to any hard, flat surface, leaving the hands free. The body safe silicone easily sterilizes, and is non-porous for safe play. There is even a Tom of Finland dog tag included

  • Deviant Monarch Weighted Nipple Clamps


    These ingenious clamps are specially designed to tighten their grip as they are pulled downward. The ends are tipped with ribbed rubber, to help retain their grip and add to the sensation. Each weight clips easily on to the end, supplying 8 oz of pull each, for a full pound of pressure total.

  • Coax Collar To Wrist Restraints


    Lock up your slave in this attractive and unique collar to wrist restraint set. This three-in-one bondage gear contains a luxurious vegan-friendly collar with three D-rings, two cuffs with a D-ring each, and connector chains for the cuffs and collar.


    The comfortable padding and secure, durable material mean that you can keep your plaything captive for as long as you desire.


    The duotone, brass coated hooks, and gold accented embellishments create an elegant piece of equipment that will last through many play sessions.

  • Mega Ass Anchor XL Anal Plug


    If you love the idea of the Ass Anchor, but yearn for a greater stretch, now you can stuff yourself with the Ass Anchor XL! This gigantic butt plug is designed to go in as smoothly as possible and expand for an enormously full sensation. Just pinch the ends of the Ass Anchor together and stuff this big boy into your anus.


    Once inside, it will open up and apply pressure on the walls of your anal cavity. Keep this unique plug lodged up your ass for as long as you want! The base is designed to sit between your cheeks as you are pleasured beyond belief!

  • Strict Bondage Rope 30Ft Black


    Explore the intricate world of rope bondage with this silky, soft, and smooth double-braided nylon! The coreless construction makes this an ideal rope for knots, easy to work with and comfortable during movement.


    Practice your shibari techniques or test your knot skills to bind your lover in various erotic positions. 30 feet of rope allows you endless possibilities to make your BDSM fantasies come to life.

  • Mister Fister Multi Speed Vibrating Fist


    Master the next level of insertion with this smooth, lifelike rubber fist. The life size replica offers realistic pleasure. Dial up your pleasure with the addition of powerful, multi-speed vibration. Just turn the easy to use twist controller located at the base. Perfect for vaginal or anal use, just lube up and get ready for intense penetrating pleasure.

  • Masters Series Vault Neoprene Ball Stretcher Black


    This ball stretcher is made from firm, flexible, and slightly stretchy Neoprene material, and features an adjustable snap closure for the perfect fit. The comfortable, cushiony Vault stretcher is a great enhancer for both beginners and advanced users.

  • Lektor Zipper Mouth Muzzle


    Keep your plaything zipped up and under control with this half face zipper muzzle from the Master Series. With a sexy vinyl exterior and zipper mouth hole, you get to decide just how much talking your naughty one gets to do. Covering the lower half of the face, this devious muzzle has a neoprene lining and two breathable nose holes.


    The elastic bands secure the mask in place while remaining pliable. Once on, this mask will create a sense of confinement without being too overwhelming for the wearer.

  • Silicone Deluxe Cum-Thru Penis Plug

  • Walker Magnetic Charge Prostate Stimulator


    For the adventurous,  the Walker Prostate Stimulator has a powerful motor that provides you with 10 vibration/speed modes while the curves on the stimulator find all of the sensual parts of your prostate you never knew existed.

  • Masters Series Primer Penis Jewel


    This sexy black penis plug affords you the sensations of urethral play with a material that is flexible and lightweight.


    The D-Primer bends with the body and is contoured with swells throughout the shaft for added sensations. A ring pull is attached at the end for easy retrieval.

  • PLAY Night Service Maid Costume Set


    Maid Costume Chemise with Molded Underwire Cups, Apron Back & Matching Ruffled Panty



    • Molded Cups
    • Attached Apron
    • Detachable Garters
    • Matching Panty
  • Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Strap-On Set


    Give and receive pleasure with this Vibrating Strap-On Set! With a pocket for a wireless multi-speed bullet discreetly hidden against your sweet spot, this strap-on provides pleasure for you both. Your partner will love the sensual feel of the firm phthalate-free dildo you’ll love the secret buzz delivered from the micro massager.


    The durable 4-way nylon straps easily adjust to fit almost any size, while the velvet-lined harness comfortably stays in place when the action heats up. Harness includes 3 interchangeable O-Rings to hold dildos of varying dimensions.

  • Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme X50


    The Hydromax Xtreme X50 – The big brother of Xtreme X40, again the most powerful pump in the world! this pump is not for the feint hearted and caution needs to be taken when using this product. We developed the Xtreme X50 penis pump for the guys who are seriously into Penis enlargement, based on our existing Hydromax X40 we made this hydropump even bigger!
    This is now the biggest and most powerful penis pump in the universe! We can’t stress enough when we say do take caution when using the Xtreme pump.


    • Carry Case with Security Lock
    • Measuring Gauge
    • Cleaning Kit
    • Bathmate Towel & Sponge Handball Pump and Power Hose
    • Water Based Lubricant
    • Shower Strap
    • Comfort Insert Pad.
  • Doctor Sizer Penis Enlargement System


    The Doctor size is a traction based penis enlargement system. Its design stands out from the crowd and is both functional and comfortable. With a full range of extension size options this one size fits most enlargement system is just what you need to stay up with the Jones’s.


    Key Features:

    • Effective device penis enlargement method
    • Increases length of cock
    • Thickens dick girth as well
    • Strengthens and improves erection quality
    • High-Quality and Superior material
    • Simple and easy to use penile extender
    • Boost your self-esteem when having sex with women
    • 100% safe to use penis extender
    • Affordable method for penis enlargement
    • Corrects crooked penis
    • Helps solve penile curvature
    • Effective aid and treatment to Peyronies Disease
  • Vac-U-Lock EZ Rider Thong Velvet Harness


    In this inviting addition to our Vac-U- Lock harness collection, sensual diamond-patterned black velvet provides an elegant backdrop for all your favorite toys in a sexy thong style perfect for staying cool and showing off plenty of skin.


    The flattering t-strap design also creates gentle pressure and friction for the wearer, and the harness is easy to quickly remove when it’s time to move on to other types of play. This harness and vac-u-plug set is compatible with all Vac-U- Lock attachments.

  • Sensuelle Homme Rechargeable Butt Plug


    Unleash your deepest desires with Nu Sensuelle HOMME rechargeable butt plug. 20 intense vibrations and pulsations to give you the power to choose the sensations to satisfy your sexual needs. Easy to recharge so that Nu Sensuelle is always ready for whenever you are in the mood for an amazing experience.

  • Vac-U-Lock Double Penetration Velvet Harness


    Give her what she wants. Crafted to accommodate any two Vac-U- Lock™ compatible attachments, the Double Penetration Harness offers the ultimate in custom mix-and- match options that the Vac-U- Lock system was created to provide. The open-back design of this lux velvet harness also leaves the wearer’s body open to many types of stimulation during use.

  • Rocks Off Petite Sensations Plug


    Discover a new world of satisfaction with this small vibrating butt plug for beginners, or those who crave excitement in a slim and petite package.


    The ultra-soft body-safe silicone allows the plug’s slim tapered tip to slide smoothly inside you. Once fully inserted, the real pleasure begins. The t-shaped base sits between your cheeks and allows the 7 function vibrating bullet to cast orgasm-inspiring vibrations in and around that highly sensitive area and then up through Plug to its tip.



    • Feel targeted vibrations from its tip that massage your sensitive nerve endings.
    • A slim circumference from its tapered tip graduates to a sublime maximum width of 27mm.
    • 3 speeds and 4 pulsations offer you a range of ways to deliver incredible orgasms, all from an easy-to-operate, single button.
    • To help you relax into the moment and be fully at ease, enjoy its pulsations in the bath or shower with its 100% waterproof and fully-submersible design.
    • To fulfil your most tempting desires with confidence and feel pure satisfaction, choose the Petite Sensations Plug.
    • Petite size ideal for beginner anal play
    • Velvety soft, ultra-smooth body-safe silicone
    • Pinpointed, targeted vibrations
    • 3 vibration speeds and 4 patterns for varying sensations
    • 100% waterproof and fully submersible
  • Spinning Sex Swing


    If you’re looking for a wild ride, this sex swing  is definitely for you! The latest version of the love swing comes with a new, sexy and exotic leopard design and wild spinning feature!



    • E-Z Spring open connection hooks.
    • High strength self-threading eyelet.
    • High strength steel spring.
    • Fully adjustable self tightening buckles with extra-wide nylon straps.
    • Soft padded stirrups.
    • Padded back, butt and hand support.
    • Rotates 360 degrees.
  • Fetish Fantasy Fantasy Swing


    With the incredible Fantasy Swing you’ll be swinging your sex life back into action in no time at all! Installation is quick and easy and requires only a few common tools, or you can make use of a sex swing stand!



    • Heavy-Duty Steel Eyelet Bolt
    • Heavy-Duty Link Chain
    • Torsion Spring
    • Metal Support Bar
    • 2 Large Padded Supports for Butt and Back
    • 2 Small Padded Stirrups for Legs
    • 2 EZ-Open Connecting Hooks
  • Fetish Neck Collar and Arms Restraints


    Take control with this rear arm binder restraint command your sub so that they are at your mercy. This Rear Arm Binder restraint is made from Faux leather with a soft inner lining for comfort. There are a total of eight arm restraints four for each arm and a neck collar that are all adjustable for sizing and binding.

  • Bondage Feet Suspension Boots


    When you like your bondage a little more hardcore make your slave a human pendant.  Suspension bondage can be liberating in that the suspended relinquishes all control to their master.


    The main effect of suspension bondage is to create a heightened sense of vulnerability and inescapability, as the subject is made to feel that by attempting to free themselves they may fall and hurt themselves, thus also creating a form of mental bondage in addition to the physical one that holds them.


    Being suspended, especially in a large open space, also creates a sense of  objectification, submissiveness and erotic helplessness for the subject, which can be erotically stimulating for them and for those observing them.

  • Silicone Plump Plug



    • Premium, solid, oversized Silicone plug
    • Smooth and seamless
    • Hygienically superior and body safe
    • Sturdy base
  • Silicone Wireless Pleasure Probe



    • Premium Silicone rechargeable anal probe
    • 12 intense functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation
    • Easy push-button control with auto on/off
    • USB rechargeable – charging cord included
    • Complete charge in 2 hours
    • Runs for 80 minutes on high speed and 150 minutes on low speed
  • Bondage Legs Binder


    Leg Binders are often used in BDSM play to totally take away the use of legs and may also be used in conjunction with a chastity device. When used in bondage play they will give the person restrained a powerless and submissive feeling placing full trust to their dominant partner or master. Bondage role playing often will bring couples closer together as they share increased intimacy and communication.

  • Icicles No 58


    Elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, this luxurious line of glass massagers will leave you breathless. Each hand-blown Icicle glass wand is sleek, unique, and made to play hard. This elegant glass wand offers the same familiar shape of your favorite Wanachi massager.


    Perfect for clitoral stimulation or an erotic massage, this wand features a smooth, thick head that hits all the right spots and a sturdy shaft for easy handling.

  • Anal Fantasy Collection EZ-Grip Beads


    When you’re looking for a full-size anal bead that will pack you with pleasure, the EZ-Grip Beads are just right for you! The EZ-Grip Beads have a round tapered tip of just 9mm to ease entry before gradually expanding to a satisfying 31mm bottom bead.

    The flexible silicone shaft bends with your body’s contours to hit just the right spot, while the ergonomic retrieval loop offers easy handling and safe removal. Enjoy the thrilling sensations of anal pressure and pleasure by popping one bead in at a time, starting with the smallest and working your way up to the largest bead. Insert as many as you feel comfortable with before gently pulling the EZ-Grip handle, slowly removing one bead at a time.

    Try tugging your EZ-Grip Beads mid-orgasm for the most explosive climax you’ve ever imagined!

    Our ultra-hygienic Elite Silicone™ is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and made to play hard. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with the included toy cleaner and warm water.
  • Bonnie Vibrating Butt Plug


    As sexily curvy as its namesake, the Bonnie Rotten Black Label Vibrating Butt Plug packs ten creative modes of vibration into a shape designed to deliver targeted anal sweet-spot stimulation.


    Swelling into a prostate-seeking pebble tip, the Plug thins out dramatically before widening to max stretch at the mid-point. As well as protecting against too-deep penetration, a wide base offers up some pleasure of its own, pressing subtly against the perineum during wear. A push button placed just underneath activates and varies 10 available patterns of steady, pulsating and escalating vibration.


    In velvety silicone, this Bonnie piece is fully hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Before and after enjoyment, rinse well with warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam for reliable cleanliness, and always use a great quality water based lube in combination.


    • Requires 1 AAA battery (sold separately).
    • Waterproof.
  • Anal Fantasy Collection Mega Insta-Gaper


    Fill your fuck hole to the brim and stretch it to the max with the incredible Mega Insta-Gaper! Once you squeeze the tips together and shove this bad boy deep inside your ass, the plug instantly springs open and stretches your cavity to gaping widths that you never thought were possible. The silky-smooth silicone feels great once it’s inside of you, while the arms expand to create an amazing feeling of fullness.


    The Mega Insta-Gaper features a narrow neck that allows your sphincter muscles to wrap around and hold it in, while the wide base ensures it won’t slip too far in while still fitting comfortably between your cheeks. The super-strong suction cup base sticks to nearly any flat surface for a wild ride every time!


    Our ultra-hygienic Elite Silicone™ is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and can be worn all day for long-lasting fun.
  • Titan Men Piss Off Cock Cup Vanilla


    Get ready for piss play pleasure! This full-scale replica is designed to look and feel like a true erect penis and it pisses on command – thanks to the tropical flavored imitation piss that looks real!


    The easy-to-use 60ml syringe can be easily refilled with the liquid of your choice. Piss Off is compatible with Vac-U-Lock™ harnesses and accessories. Vac-U-Lock™ is the world’s first and only patented harness system, offering endless possibilities for you to embrace your fantasies.


    • 10 Full Inches to Indulge Your Piss Play Fantasies
    • With Removable Vac-U-Lock Suction Cup
    • Pisses Anywhere You Want on Command
    • Incredible Firm, Yet Flexible with Realistic Detail
    • Includes 2 fl. oz. Bottle of Tropical Flavored Imitation Piss
    • Compatible with Vac-U-Lock™ Harnesses & Accessories
    • Phthalate-Free, Body-Safe
  • Vex Penis Jewel


    The Vexing Penis Jewel by Master Series is designed to restrict and erotically tease. This premium sound is made of brushed stainless steel and is gently contoured with 4 smooth swells to increase the pleasure. Tapered at the end and weighted just right to add extra tension.


    The plug is attached to a small hinged ring a connecting piece which connects to the head ring. This dual hinged attachment makes it easier to use. Take it to the next level with a little temperature play…The Vexing Penis Jewel can be warmed by warm water or cooled in the refrigerator.

  • Evil Angel Spiked Neck Collar & Lead


    Release your Evil Angel slave in this get up that is going to let everyone know who is bossed.  Spiked for aesthetic value with a great lead for some extra Bondage and Discipline Play.