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  • Cow Bell Collar


    For your favourite pet! If you’re into cow fetish or Hucow sex, then this cow-bell is going to ring your bells. That, or you may just be looking for a unique collar that just so happens to have a bell. Whatever the reason, this is an excellent bondage and kink toy that works as a bondage collar.


  • Spiked Metal BDSM Collar


    Get the matching leg irons and wrist shackles and you have the total restraint package.  Made from surgical steel the Spiked Metal BDSM Collar is a treat to see and will last a lifetime.  Now get into your hardcore bondage roleplay right now!


  • Female Full Body Chastity


    This dazzling full body restraint and chastity system will hold them secure and deny access to their most intimate areas. Highly adjustable, the steel is lined internally with firm rubber, for comfort and security.


    The Female Chastity Full Body Steel Bondage Restraints has a network of chains that connects the cuffs, chastity belt, and metal bra, restricting their motion along with their erogenous zones. There are multiple locking mechanisms and points of adjustment, for the ultimate in sensual restriction.

  • Bondage Classic Spike Collar


    Please note:  We have two grades of Faux Leather and they are:


    Beginners/Soft Bondage:  This Faux Leather is light weight and designed for soft bondage play.  It feels light to wear but is not suitable for hardcore/heavy bondage.  The average thickness of the PVC Material is 2mm.


    Hardcore/Heavy Bondage:  This Faux Leather is thicker and stronger and designed for more experienced or hardcore bondage users. It is heavier to wear and more robust.  The average thickness of the PVC Material is 2.5mm.

  • Fetish Fantasy Rock Out Corset


    Transform yourself into the ultimate rock and roll chick and be sure to lace up and rock it out with the perfect outfit, for the perfect sexual rockstar. Rock your partners world with this amazing corset.


    The thong unlaces to become crotch-less. Transform into a rock n’ roll goddess and top the charts of the bedroom chamber with this bold, stunning piece!



    • Waist cincher
    • Thong
    • Collar
    • Pasties
    • Adhesive tape
    • Stockings



    • Soft touch pleather waist
    • Cincher lace-up detail
    • Zipper closure in back
    • Removable garters
    • Thong Unlaces to become crotchless
  • Fetish Fantasy Victorian Corset


    If being modest is the last thing on your mind, then this daring Victorian-inspired corset and open-front g-string piece will leave very little for the imagination. 



    • Pleather Open Cup Corset with Underwire, Collar and Shoulder Straps
    • Adjustable Buckles Allow for Ease of Fit Across Bust and Shoulder
    • Lace-Up Back Closure
    • Collar Has Snap Closure
    • Soft, Elastic Open Front G-String
  • Dungeonclub Neck and Wrist Stocks Upright


    Stand up to attention soldier! SIR, YES SIR!

    This upright T bar will keep your soldier standing to attention arms straight down, unable to move and vulnerable to their master or playmate. Comfortable and made of genuine leather, this quality T Bar will keep you coming back for more. . and more. . . and more.


    This quality leather and metal lust restraint are sure to keep your love knowing their place in the dungeonclub. All you need now is a ball gag whip or paddle and domination and submission games begin.