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  • Cow Bell Collar


    For your favourite pet! If you’re into cow fetish or Hucow sex, then this cow-bell is going to ring your bells. That, or you may just be looking for a unique collar that just so happens to have a bell. Whatever the reason, this is an excellent bondage and kink toy that works as a bondage collar.


  • Bijoux Indiscrets Sybille Mask


    When the sun goes down your other self is revealed.


    Enjoy a night of seduction among the shadows with Bijoux Indiscrets Masks.


    Behind the playful appearance, there’s a woman who knows exactly what she wants.


    One smile from Sybille and you will fall in surrender.

  • Spiked Metal BDSM Collar


    Get the matching leg irons and wrist shackles and you have the total restraint package.  Made from surgical steel the Spiked Metal BDSM Collar is a treat to see and will last a lifetime.  Now get into your hardcore bondage roleplay right now!


  • Spandex Zipper Mouth Hood


    Stretchy and comfy to wear the Spandex Zipper Mouth Hood is a great BDSM accessory that gives you options.  Spandex is a great starting material for those just getting into BDSM play.  Eyelets to ensure plenty of oxygen is received whilst wearing it.

  • Bondage Hood With Dildo Gag


    To be truly enslaved…that’s really what a hood is all about, isn’t it? It’s about truly submitting and giving yourself over to allow your Dom/me to make all the decisions.


    The Undercover Faux Leather Bondage Hood w/Collar, Snap-On Blindfold and Gag is a wonderfully supple full leather hood which will be great for bondage play and make your play time incredibly sexy. The lacing hood feels so good when it’s laced up tightly, fitting snugly against your skin. The rich scent of the leather fills your nose as the collar is buckled tightly and locked on. With the blindfold and gag detached, you’ll be able to see and speak, but who knows how long that will last? Probably not too long, but you won’t mind at all.


  • Ball Crusher With Ball Weight Attachments


    If you are into some testicle stretching whilst your balls are being crushed this S&M Device will be perfect for you.  The crusher is easily controlled by some wingnuts whilst the O-Rings allow for easy attachment of your testicle crushers.


    Note:  Use caution when using this item as misuse of this device may lead to possible injury.

  • Female Full Body Chastity


    This dazzling full body restraint and chastity system will hold them secure and deny access to their most intimate areas. Highly adjustable, the steel is lined internally with firm rubber, for comfort and security.


    The Female Chastity Full Body Steel Bondage Restraints has a network of chains that connects the cuffs, chastity belt, and metal bra, restricting their motion along with their erogenous zones. There are multiple locking mechanisms and points of adjustment, for the ultimate in sensual restriction.

  • Double Ratchet Steel Dental Retractor


    The terminator metal open mouth gag with adjustable spring-loaded clips is a perfect fit for hardcore bondage people.  Perfect for FetLife people and fetish and kinky bondage scene people that want to really make a statement.

    Be careful when wearing the terminator as you may never come back.

  • Rampant Metal Anal Hanger


    The anal hanger slides easily into the anus, and once in place is ideal for attachment in complex bondage scenarios.  It is made of solid stainless steel so it is durable and easy to clean.


    When you are looking for a bit of a lift and just want to hang around get your lover to give you a hoist with the Rampant Anal Hanger a fine Hells Couture Suspension Device Australia.  Fantastic quality at best prices for all those kink meisters out there.





  • Fifty Shades Darker Anastasia Masquerade Mask


    Live your fantasy and create your very own Fifty Shades Darker masquerade ball with the official Anastasia Masquerade Mask. Made from ornate lace and embellished with light-reflecting stones and silver ribbons, all you need now is that silver dress.


    With a flexible finish that forms to your face, this mask boasts cat-like eyes which frame and flatter your own peepers beautifully. Wear for masquerade parties, masked balls, Fifty Shades Darker role play or even to the cinema!


    Inspired by Ana’s actual mask, enhanced by our own designers and approved by E L James as the official Ana masquerade mask, explore its full embroidery to fully appreciate its intricate beauty, and see how many hidden messages and symbols from the books you can find.


    Don’t accept cheap imitations and close-but-not-quite look-a-likes. If you want the real deal, this is it.


    For authentic Christian and Ana fun, pick up the official Fifty Shades Darker Dark Prince Masquerade Mask.


    Part of the Fifty Shades Darker The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.

    Key Features:

    • Fifty Shades Darker masquerade mask based on Anastasia’s mask
    • Beautiful silver lace features ornate patterns with hidden imagery from the books
    • Soft lace material flexes over nose and eyes for a close fit
    • Embellished with light-reflecting gemstones and shimmering detail for an elegant finish which comes to life up close
    • Finished with silver Fifty Shades Darker ribbon for tailored fit
    • Matching Christian mask sold separately
    • Approved by E L James
  • Fifty Shades Darker Secret Prince Mask


    Become the Secret Prince with the official Fifty Shades Darker Masquerade Mask. Exuding suave sophistication and strong masculine detailing, this moulded leather eye mask oozes Christian Grey style for authentic Fifty Shades Darker role play.


    With ribbon ties and a moulded finish, this black leather mask fits the contours of your face for comfortable, non-obtrusive wear. Slip it on for masquerade parties, masked balls, Fifty Shades Darker role play or even the cinema!


    Inspired by Christian’s actual mask, created by our own designers and approved by E L James as the official Christian masquerade mask, nothing screams millionaire Dom like this sensational, high-quality accessory.


    For authentic Christian and Ana fun, pair with the official Fifty Shades Darker Anastasia Masquerade Mask and wear together for an evening of incognito intimacy.


    Part of the Fifty Shades Darker The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.

    Key Features:

    • Fifty Shades Darker masquerade mask based on Christian’s mask
    • Stunning moulded leather fits the contours of your face
    • Classy and sophisticated semi-patent finish
    • Finished with black Fifty Shades Darker ribbon for tailored fit
    • Features discreet Fifty Shades Darker branding on inside surface
    • Approved by E L James
  • Gold and Black Floral Corset


    A terrific Gold and Black Floral Corset with laced back for you to tighten and get that desired hour glass figure. Unique floral design that looks regal when worn. Includes matching G-String.

  • Royal Red Corset & G-String


    Lovely Royal Red Corset & G-String with pretty featured bow and lace up at the back.  Tighten with the lace up back to get that slimming effect and hour glass figure.  Look Simply Stunning.

  • Bondage Classic Spike Collar


    Please note:  We have two grades of Faux Leather and they are:


    Beginners/Soft Bondage:  This Faux Leather is light weight and designed for soft bondage play.  It feels light to wear but is not suitable for hardcore/heavy bondage.  The average thickness of the PVC Material is 2mm.


    Hardcore/Heavy Bondage:  This Faux Leather is thicker and stronger and designed for more experienced or hardcore bondage users. It is heavier to wear and more robust.  The average thickness of the PVC Material is 2.5mm.

  • Veronique 1


    Extremely erotic and provocative dress in black, consisting of a dress with strings of chains that can be worn across both the front and back.



    • Dress with chain
    • Chain thongs
  • Iris Black


    Surprise him with a more provocative side. Imagine his expression when hes admiring the shape of your body, perfectly highlighted by Iris Black.


    • Optically slimmer silhouette – effective appearance
    • Flexible and resilient materials with elastane – a perfect fit to the body
    • High-quality materials – high quality and durability
    • Metallic accessories in the black colour – durability
    • Adjustable straps – comfort
    • Adjustable straps for attaching length stockings – comfort
    • Metal clips for stockings, black with decorative ribbons – effective, durable and strong, easy fastening and matching stockings
    • On the back of the strengthening lacing wires – comfort, durability and good looks


    • Dress
    • Thongs
  • Ursel Black


    The elastic material of this specially contoured dress will make it fit your body perfectly, emphasizing its lines and shapes. The bare back and buttocks playfully interact with a tight, black, glossy fabric over the hips and breasts, while showing them off!


    Set include:

    • Dress
    • Thongs


    • Flexible and resilient materials with elastane – a perfect fit to the body
    • Pleasant to the touch material – comfort
    • Close-fitting contoured body shape – good look and comfort
    • The notches on the buttocks and neck – a sexy look
    • High-quality materials – the convenience and durability
    • Metallic accessories in the color silver – durability and impressive detail
    • Reinforcing stitching in critical areas – sustainability
  • Lucie Black


    Dress Lucie is a composition of black, decorative elastics that perfectly adapt to your body, while emphasizing its shape. This is a minimalist and sophisticated sexual proposition which will put into delight every person. Additional predatory nature of wristbands and neck band with silver, a metal spike.

    Lucie is a set for you if you dare to wear it … and you dare … right?


    • Unique and special design
    • Flexible and resilient material – a perfect fit to body
    • Decorative metal silver studs on the dress and neck band
    • Neckband fastened at the back
    • 2 wristbands


    • Dress with decorative spike
    • Neckband with decorative spike
    • 2 wristbands
  • Yuriko Black


    Sexy black dress with impressive, red inserts at the front and back. It fantastically outlines the figure and shape of hips and buttocks. Red details form an interesting diversity, attract the attention and give a predatory look. Elastic features of material produce the effect in which the dress ideally fits to the body, at the same time it is very comfortable. The set also includes a black thong made of the same, black material as the dress and black fishnet stockings shown on the photo.


    The set is made with a good taste and is developed in details – it’s a must for enthusiasts looking for original and interesting lingerie that will highlight their temper and sophisticated taste.

  • PLAY Playground Love Schoolgirl Costume Set


    Set includes:

    • Halter Top with Keyhole & Tie Detail
    • Lace Trimmed Skirt
    • Matching G-string


    • Velcro Neck
    • Lace Trim
    • Elastic Waistband
    • Matching Thong
  • PLAY Night Service Maid Costume Set


    Maid Costume Chemise with Molded Underwire Cups, Apron Back & Matching Ruffled Panty



    • Molded Cups
    • Attached Apron
    • Detachable Garters
    • Matching Panty
  • Ilse Black


    The Ilse catsuit will take you to the limits of pleasure. It is an impressive combination of black, flexible wet look materials and delicate mesh that will surprise you with its feel and comfort. It has been designed to make a woman’s body look even more sensual and enticing. Reflections of light on the shiny black material offers a pleasing touch whilst special attention is drawn to the long cut-out, attractively showing the shape of your breasts visible beneath the black mesh.


    From the back the buttocks are emphasized by the black material and a large cutout area showing the back and hips. Ilse is comfortable, it adapts to the body like a second skin and is fastened at the neck and back making it easy to put on and take off.



    • Flexible and resilient materials with elastane – a perfect fit to the body
    • Pleasant to the touch material – comfort
    • Close-fitting contoured body shape – good look and comfort
    • High-quality materials – the convenience and durability
    • Reinforcing stitching in critical areas – durable
    • Clasp on the neck – comfort
    • Clasp on the back – a 2-stage, 2-in-row – comfort and a better fit
  • CatWoman PVC Eye Mask Red


    This feline inspired mask is a brilliant accessory to not only kitten play, but fetish and kink nights. Whether you’re looking at this to complete an outfit, or whether you’re loving the seductive nature of the mask – this is a brilliant mask. Open eye design so that you can still see what’s going on all around you.

  • Leg Avenue Porcelain Doll Mask

  • Private Affair Mask


    Set the standard with our gold plated filigree eye mask adorned with crystal elements. Its delicate metal structure offers gentle flexibility for a perfect fit on the face and features black satin ribbon ties for secure wear.

  • Ladies BDSM Leather One Piece


    Hand Made and a Dream to Wear.  The Ladies Bondage One Piece has 5 decorative metal chains across the front held in place with metal flat studs and D Rings either side,  Flat Studs on the breast area with a handy zipper on each breast for nipple and boob play.


    This number is not crotch-less but it does have a zipper so that you can have sex whilst wearing it or do a bit of naught exposure for your lover, master or sub.  Elasticized G-String, Mid Back and neck for comfortable fit.  This piece even has a handy D-Ring either side upper waist.

  • Fetish Fantasy Rock Out Corset


    Transform yourself into the ultimate rock and roll chick and be sure to lace up and rock it out with the perfect outfit, for the perfect sexual rockstar. Rock your partners world with this amazing corset.


    The thong unlaces to become crotch-less. Transform into a rock n’ roll goddess and top the charts of the bedroom chamber with this bold, stunning piece!



    • Waist cincher
    • Thong
    • Collar
    • Pasties
    • Adhesive tape
    • Stockings



    • Soft touch pleather waist
    • Cincher lace-up detail
    • Zipper closure in back
    • Removable garters
    • Thong Unlaces to become crotchless
  • Fetish Fantasy Victorian Corset


    If being modest is the last thing on your mind, then this daring Victorian-inspired corset and open-front g-string piece will leave very little for the imagination. 



    • Pleather Open Cup Corset with Underwire, Collar and Shoulder Straps
    • Adjustable Buckles Allow for Ease of Fit Across Bust and Shoulder
    • Lace-Up Back Closure
    • Collar Has Snap Closure
    • Soft, Elastic Open Front G-String
  • Fetish Fantasy White Hot Corset


    This must-have cup-less corset and g-string piece is guaranteed to please and excite!



    • Corset
    • G-String



    • White Vinyl Open Cup Corset with O-Ring Details
    • Lace-Up Back Closure
  • Fetish Fantasy Crazy Wabbit Costume


    This Crazy Wabbit is anything but cute and cuddly. This smoking hot fishnet style crotch-less teddy will ensure your lover will hop straight into the bedroom and into your arms.


    Complete with some finger-less gloves so you don’t lose your grip, vinyl bunny ears and an adjustable breathable ball gag which is the perfect accessory for beginners into some light bondage play.


    Why wait for the Easter bunny to bring you some goodies? Instead, hop to it and get this piece.

  • Risque Boutique Feline Mask


    Even Dame Edna would envy this mask… The Risque Boutique Feline Mask is an extremely soft faux leather mask with intricate stud detailing sure to make you the envy of many a person. Be risque, be boutique, be risque boutique. This one is great not only for the bondage playground but for fancy dress and any occasion where a mask is required.

  • Dungeonclub Neck and Wrist Stocks Upright


    Stand up to attention soldier! SIR, YES SIR!

    This upright T bar will keep your soldier standing to attention arms straight down, unable to move and vulnerable to their master or playmate. Comfortable and made of genuine leather, this quality T Bar will keep you coming back for more. . and more. . . and more.


    This quality leather and metal lust restraint are sure to keep your love knowing their place in the dungeonclub. All you need now is a ball gag whip or paddle and domination and submission games begin.